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San Francisco Creative House

  • class Comfort
  • location San Francisco Creative House is located on one of the main thoroughfares of the capital - Beresteiskyi avenue. His resident may not be afraid to be late for work, an important meeting or a movie session - it is easy to get from the apartment complex to different corners of the city. To get to the center of Kyiv, you can use the direct route - the multi-lane Beresteiskyi avenue. Or, to save time, choose a subway ride - one minute from the house is Nyvky metro station
  • characteristics Smart home system, powerful Wi-Fi throughout the complex
  • number-of-storeys 9, 17 floors
  • construction-technology Monolithic frame technology
  • construction-material Brick
  • ceiling-height 2.75 m
  • adjoining-territory Thoughtful home improvement with modern playground and green seating areas
  • infrastructure Rich urban infrastructure: shops, cafes, restaurants, service centers, educational establishments
  • parking Underground parking for 130 cars
  • security High-tech security system
  • transport-connection M “Nyvky”